False or Bogus Orders

There are various sites on the internet of entities using our Name, Insignia and history and claiming to be Knights of Malta.

Some of these sites belong to False or Bogus Orders . They are a recent invention and have no connection, history, ethics and respect for our Order and its constant work to help those people in need. These groups just portray a bad image and have no connection with the  Sovereign Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta. They are purely created with the sole purpose of deceiving people for personal gain. Most of them are the result of off-shoots from one group to another by persons who have been expelled for misconduct at some point in time.

Presently there are more than ten self-styled entities in the world, which in some fashion use or share the names Knights Hospitallers, Order of Saint John of Jerusalem or Order of Malta.

The main criteria for evaluating their genuineness are:

  1. Do they have a legitimate Royal Protector, a direct member of a recognised Royal Family in possession of a Fons Honorum.
  2. Do they have identifiable charity work that they do every year?
  3. Do they have a permanent headquarters ?
  4. Do they file legal returns in each country where they operate and do those returns accurately reflect their Revenues and Expenses?

The Alliance of the Orders of Saint John and the False Orders Committee.

Certain Orders of Saint John have formed a private association, called the Alliance of the Orders of Saint John. This association purports to speak authoritatively on which Orders are genuine. However, the Association is owned and solely controlled by the said Alliance. It represents itself as being the sole authority on such matters and condemns our history, of which a documented proof of existence was provided. Our opinion is that this self-protectionism could be against the European anti-competition laws.

Our Order does not approve of such tactics.

Our Order rests its genuineness on its demonstrable historical records, on its official recognition by two members of the Imperial Family of Russia, one of whom also served as our Prince Grand Master until 1933, and on the Spiritual guidance and protection of His Eminence Cardinal Sergio Sebastiani.

Moreover, the members of our Order rest their vocation and dedication on direct aid made world wide, thus keep faithful to its mission of caring for the sick and the poor.

Our Order wishes all sincere Orders of Saint John well, and wishes for them to prove themselves through their donations, their assistance to fellow Christians, especially Christians in countries where they are under persecution, and their devotion to the principles of Christianity.

In particular, our Order is guided by Pope John Paul II’s encyclical Ut Unum Sint (That they may be one).